Yellow Sky

Yellow SkyTwo years have passed since the end of the Civil War between the North and South, but from the disbanded veterans, many did not return to righteous work, but began to build up gangs and rob civilians. One of such “dashing” units, having made another raid and tearing up the jackpot, leaves the pursuit of federal troops in the sun-scorched desert and blown by all the winds.

In search of water and food, on the verge of life and death, they stumble upon an abandoned city with the strange name “Yellow Sky”. In this devastated world, gangsters discover a sick old man and his amazingly beautiful granddaughter Constance May (Ann Baxter). After recovering from the chase, having received water and shelter, the bandits begin to look around and realize that these two have remained for good reason amidst the dusty walls of the dead city.

All the fault was the gold found by my grandfather. Deciding to take the gold, the gang is ready for anything, but their plan does not come true. Gang leader James Dawson (Gregory Peck) fell in love with a beautiful granddaughter and will not let his girl offend now, even if the whole gang sends weapons against him … Western, which meets all the laws of the genre. Strong actor’s duet of two real men – the young handsome Gregory Peck and his main rival in the film, Richard Widmark, who is in great shape and shines with his unrivaled grin.

Director William A. Wellman, after the release of the film, received good reviews of criticism and praise of viewers for the painting, which has now become a classic of the genre. The tape is almost all shot on location in the real desert “Death Valley” state of California, which gives it an indelible feeling of realism.

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