Westward Ho

Westward HoThis story began in 1820, when columns of settlers from the eastern states rushed westward in search of happiness, but among the fertile plains they were waiting for criminals who robbed carts, hunted cattle and killed immigrants. Unfortunately, this sad fate did not bypass the family of Watt brothers: their parents were killed, one of the brothers named Jim kidnapped by the attackers, and soon became a member of the gang, and John was cast to the mercy of fate among the prairies.

Twenty years have passed. There was no tranquility among the prairies, it never happened – the gang continued its terror of civilians. Irritated orphan John grew up and became one of the most adroit and brave cowboys in the state. The thirst for revenge for the death of his parents prompted him to organize a liberation squad of men whose relatives perished from the bullets of the bandits. They called themselves Lynchers – singing horsemen on white horses, ready to give their lives in order to rid the new frontier of lawlessness that has reigned here …

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