Western can be called with confidence a visiting card of American cinema – this genre was invented in the Wild West for a long time and has a rich history of development. Some of the first Westerns appeared at the end of the XIX century and quickly gained popularity. The films of this genre show the events of the times of the conquest of the Wild West, as well as stories about cowboys living in the US, Canada and Mexico.

The best westerns in many details are very similar to other genres of cinema. But, despite this, they have a number of distinctive abilities:

  1. moderation in dialogues;
  2. an abundance of shootings, scenes with masterly possession of weapons, lasso throwing and risky horse chases;
  3. colorful costumes and the presence in the picture of the Indians, on whose side the protagonist protrudes or on the contrary fights with them;
  4. a recognizable musical accompaniment, especially during tense moments, chases and other significant events of the film.

The main characters of interesting westerns

As a rule, the main and secondary characters of Westerns – brave cowboys who perfectly master the weapon, are not averse to twisting a stormy romance with a beautiful lady from a saloon, and also know how to resist evil without reading the laws. The entourage of the main characters can not do without a cowboy hat, leather boots with sharp socks and a faithful colt in a holster.

New Westerns have undergone a number of changes – they have special effects and computer graphics, but there is still a culture of native Americans, bright exchanges between robbers and sheriffs and incredible adventures of brave heroes.