Vengeance Valley

Vengeance ValleyAmong the vast expanses of green valleys, surrounded by snow-capped peaks of the inaccessible mountains of the wild west, there is a small village in which the family of Strobi farmers live. After months of absence, Owen Dabright, the chief ranch driver and his stepbrother, Lee Strobi, returns home.

They are waiting for news and among other things they learn that Lily – a waitress from a local tavern gave birth to a child from Lee. However, the young mother does not admit who is the father of the child, and the newly-made father does not want to recognize his child, because he already has a family. Owen, last years farming on the farm for two, because his half-brother did not really want to have extra calluses, decides to leave these places in search of a new life.

At the same time, two angry brothers Lili arrive in the town to find the illegitimate father of the child and: either to force him to marry her or to kill her. The sneaky Lee does everything to dethrone his paternity with his brother and avoid revenge on Lily’s relatives, and in addition plans to take over the entire inheritance alone, getting rid of his respectable brother. Owen, learning about this, decides that it is enough – you need to take tough measures to “beloved brother.”

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