Unconquered 1947A great historical drama about the conflict between the Indians and the colonists.
London, 1763. The death sentence handed down by young Abigail Hale is replaced by a reference to the North American colonies, where she must spend 14 years in slavery. On board the ship, which takes her to the New World, she attracts the attention of Garth, who sells arms to the Indians, and he immediately arranges an auction.

To prevent her from falling into the hands of this dismal man, Captain Chris Holden raises the price and buys out Abigail, and then releases it before the ship reaches the ground. Garth fraudulently assigns papers to the possession of Abigail and trusts them to his assistant Dave Bowen. Chris Holden learns from her bride, Diana, that, while he was not, she married his brother. In Pittsburgh, a rumor is born that the Indian Pontiac unites under its own leadership disparate local tribes, preparing for a massive attack on the whites. Chris Holden was instructed to go to the Indians with a peace mission …

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