The Spoilers

The SpoilersThe action of this western occurs at the time of the infamous “gold rush” that unfolded in Alaska in the late nineteenth century. The Klondike reigns in dexterity: it is ruled by deft crooks, greedy dealers and dirty heads of all stripes, and cases are most often solved with the help of a kulak and a six-charge steel helper named Colt.

John Wayne plays the role of Captain Roy Glennister – an honest businessman whose strength is trying to sue his own mine. Behind the treacherous scam is a corrupt official Alexander McNamara (Randolph Scott), who conspired with the local judge. Together with her mistress, the charming singer Cherry Malotte (Marlene Dietrich), Roy struggles to resist the wiles of the scoundrel, but, unfortunately, justice will be restored only by taking up arms.

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