The Shepherd of the Hills

The Shepherd of the Hills“The Shepherd of the Hills” is a film adaptation of the bestselling novel by Harold Bell Wright. However, the script was significantly redesigned, especially the characters’ characters. John Wayne plays the atypical role of Matt, a young man who swears to kill his father if he ever meets him. In spite of the external severity in the young man, the tenderness is deeply hidden. On the one hand, Matt is very attached to his adoptive parents who raised him.

He is very attentive to his named brother, whom the residents consider abnormal only because in childhood, because of the stress and fright he suffered, he was numb. He is gentle and caring with the girl he is in love with. And on the other hand, if the conversation concerned his childhood or father, Matt Kamenel and filled with fury, and not forgiven offense only because 20 years ago, his father left his mother and she died. Matt did not know that his father did not leave his family, but was forced to flee as a result of an accidental murder of a man, and then sit out for such a long time in prison.

Supported by the stubborn silence of the named parents who knew the truth, hatred frightens others. He is so filled with anger that a young woman he loves is afraid of marrying him. At this time, a stranger appears in the mountains, who gently and unobtrusively tries to influence the closed society of the settlement, which begins to positively affect the residents who learn to get rid of, eat them, intransigence and isolation, under the influence of his tolerance.

Matt is attached to a stranger and gradually there is a friendship between them. Nobody realizes that this person is the “runaway” parent, while the old woman, blinded in youth, when she finds sight with the help of a doctor, who was brought by an alien, suddenly does not notice the obvious similarity between Matt and the stranger. There must be a grief, because Matt does not know the whole truth, and for many years the hatred he created escaped and blinded him. And it seems like only one way out: either he will kill or him …

Filmed in color, the film makes a strong impression and the very history, and the play of the actors, as well as remarkable shootings of colorful areas around the mountains.

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