The Maverick Queen

The Maverick QueenKeith Benion grew up in Virginia, and after the Civil War left for Wyoming, where she received the nickname “The Maverick Queen” because she put her brand on all the cattle stolen in the district, eventually made a fortune, opened a saloon and cattle company in the town of Rock Springs. However, it was not so easy for her to break with the past.

To earn even more money, she joins the Wild Buch Cassidy gang, who with impunity engages in looting and robbery from Canada to the Mexican border. One day, in her saloon, a man appears who calls himself the nephew of the famous Yanger brothers, who were released early from the prison at Stillwater and who came to Wyoming to enter the Wild Gang. Kit does not even suspect how much this person will change her fate. At the same time, Pinkertons begin to hunt for the Wild Gang …

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