The Indian Fighter

The Indian FighterOregon. 1870 year. The leader of the Sioux tribe “Red Cloud” loves his native land and does not want the presence of strangers. He declared war on the white settlers because they welded his tribe, exchanging gold for cheap whiskey, and they want to capture a gold-bearing stream. Johnny Hawks, in his time the best friend of the Indians, returns to the wild west after the Civil War, with the goal of returning to a peaceful life.

The hero is contracting a caravan of settlers through the lands of the Sioux tribe to the fertile plains. Having achieved the signing of a temporary peace treaty with the leader of the flame, the colonists set out on their journey. But among the whites are dissatisfied with the world, They are doing everything possible to break the agreement and cunningly find out the gold deposit of the tribe. Because of their greed, the blood of peaceful Indians is shed on a mountain path. In response to the murder, the leader raises the hatchet of the war and, only thanks to Johnny Hawks’ conviction, it is possible to stop the new bloodshed …

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