The Fighting Kentuckian

The Fighting KentuckianThis picture is based on a little-known episode from American history. After Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo, his officers and families were expelled from France for their loyalty to their emperor. They were looking for a country where they could live on and the United States generously offered them their land.

On the territory of Alabama, the settlers received a place for their four cities that rose among the deserted places. At this time, after making a small stop in the town of the French settlers of Mobele, the Kentucky regiment of volunteers was returning from the next campaign. In the morning the detachment continued its march – there were another six hundred miles ahead, but the brave soldier John Breen decided to evade further follow-up to his native state, preferring the army to acquaintance with Fleetret, the daughter of the local manager.

Boldly sitting down in her wagon, he literally in a matter of seconds, fell in love with the girl and in a minute they raced from the city to meet the future fate. But the sharp-sighted father of the girl had a completely different opinion about the future of her daughter and rushed into the pursuit. So began the new adventures of John Brin – a fighter from Kentucky in the vastness of Alabama …

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