The Far Country

The Far CountryThe plot of the film unfolds against the background of a wild gold rush in Dawson, in the Yukon. James Stewart and Walter Brennan are two partners who decided to get rich quickly by selling a herd of cattle at a fabulously high price.

Soon they are caught up in a conflict with a local resident (John McIntyre), who himself appointed a representative of the law, and his minions-scum.

After Brennan’s murder, Stewart realizes that he is forced to put an end to the growing lawlessness, and enters a bloody battle with opponents. Ruth Roman plays a loving Stewart mistress of the saloon. The film starred Steve Brody, Jack Elam, Jay C. Flippen, Kathleen Freeman, Chubby Johnson, Henry Morgan and Robert Wyll. Directed by Anthony Mann, the shooting took place in the Canadian state of Alberta, in the Jasper National Park.

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