The Call of the Wild

Based on the story of Jack London.
Jack Thornton lost all his money and a pretty impressive amount at the card table. The same evening he meets with the Shorty, who left the prison – he was too curious, working in the post office, where he opened private correspondence. Shorty shared with Jack information about the largest gold deposit. They decide to go to this far place, and for this it is necessary to buy a dog sled. This is how Jack acquainted with a mighty and evil semi-dog half-wolf named Buck.

He buys Baka for a very large sum of $ 250 to save him from death at the hands of an unprincipled Englishman who is also heading for the Yukon. On the way to the mines, Jack and Shorty rescue the woman from wolves by Claire Blake, whose husband went for help and who turned out to be the person to whom the letter was addressed. Jack loves dogs and he managed to make friends with Buck and it was the dog who won for them a wager of $ 1000, stretching in a harness unreasonable for one dog a load of half a ton, stretching it a hundred yards. Having bought equipment, the trio goes to the road …

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