StagecoachThe classic black and white western (according to Ernest Haykoks) – one of the best created by Ford, eclipsed everything that had been created in this genre before, and became an example for imitation. A profound study of the characters of eight people, different in their aspirations, united only by traveling in the diligence, carrying each to meet his destiny. A sense of great danger arises already in the very first scenes showing Jeronimo on the warpath, telegraph wires cut by Apaches. …

From the town of Tonto in New Mexico, several people leave for the stagecoach. Doc Boone (Mitchell), a drunkard, long ousted from the guild of doctors. Dallas (Trevor), a prostitute, whose sexual adventures so angered local women that they drove her out of her not-so-high society. Hatfield (Carradin), a sharper, posing as a gentleman-southerner, who has his reasons to leave Tonto. He nonetheless pretends that he volunteered to escort the pregnant Lucy (Platt) to her husband, a cavalryman.

Henry Gaitwood (Churchill), a pompous banker, sits in a coach with a small bag that he does not let go. Samuel Peacock (Mick), whiskey trader, carries a box of samples. These six people make up a list of passengers, and above it sits coachman Buck (Devine), a big man who hates the Indians, and a tough, rude but honest and simple-hearted Curley (Bancroft), a law official with a shotgun. After some time, on the way, Ringo Kid (the “star” role of Wayne) joins them, whose horse was lame. The stagecoach started, wait for the adventure!

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