Seven Men from Now

Seven Men from NowRandolph Scott in the role of Ben Stride (the role originally intended to John Wayne), the former sheriff of the city of Silver Springs, pursues the seven people guilty of murdering his wife during the robbery of Wells Fargo’s office. On the way, he meets a couple of immigrants whose wagon is stuck in the mud. Having helped, he agrees to go along with them.

Firstly, he is on the road, and secondly, he is attracted to the pretty Anne Greer (Gale Russell). On the way, they meet two more people chasing robbers – this is the famous ex-sheriff mother infringer Bill Masters (Lee Marvin) with his partner Clit. If Stride is driven by revenge, then Masters wants to get gold. For a time, the goals and paths of so different people converge, and they continue to travel with the van of the migrants, who are also sent to Silver Springs, where, according to Masters, the hijackers are hiding.

One of the highest rated westerns of director Bad Boticher and screenwriter Bert Kennedy, traditionally included in the lists of the best Hollywood westerns. Despite the fact that in the center of the story is a rather traditional image of the avenger hero, the authors managed to portray all the characters of the film as living people with their virtues, weaknesses and vices. Even such episodic characters as a major cavalryman or an old man at an abandoned station of stagecoaches, seem to be snatched from the thick of life.

The main star of the film is the incomparable Lee Marvin, whose character looks more bold and interesting than the slightly straightforward sheriff of Randolph Scott. Surprisingly fresh and cute in the movie, Gail Russell looks, to whom John Wayne (one of the film’s producers) once again extended a helping hand, using it in this western. It’s hard to believe that this pretty young woman at that time was a complete alcoholic, and she had less than seven years to live.

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