Santa Fe trail

Santa Fe trail1854 year. West Point, the first Federal Cadet Cavalry Corps. Jeb Stewart is a new cadet who successfully begins his studies. The young man is in good command with the commanders, but, nevertheless, he makes himself an enemy in the face of the Cadet Karl Ryder, a radical abolitionist, determined to change the class and caste system of America.

This secret follower of the fanatic John Brown, eager to free all slaves with weapons and power, in the barracks is engaged in a fight with Stewart, afterwards which Ryder is expelled from West Point.

The very same Jeb and his friends were ordered to follow the territory of Kansas, where they must stop the illegal actions of the ideologist John Brown and the armed to his teeth minions. Here, on one of the dusty roads leading to Santa Fe, he again meets his ill-wishers Ryder.

The gang of Brown is caught in arms smuggling and a detachment of cavalry surrounds the manor, where the renegades have barricaded themselves. They are offered to surrender, but the bandits refuse. A bloody battle begins …

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