Riding Shotgun

Riding ShotgunLarry Delong gets a job as a stagecoach guard after the robbery of one of the diligence Dan Meredi killed his family members. He hopes that sooner or later their paths will cross. But Maradi also wants the same.

He arranges Delongu trap, wishing to kill him, but the anger of Pinto, who left Delong bound to die under the sun, violates his plans. Delong is released and goes to the city to warn that Maradi is going to lure the sheriff with a detachment from the city, and he himself at this time will attack the casino. But in the city, no one believes him, and, moreover, he himself is accused of attacking the stagecoach.

Delong has to hide in Fritz’s snack bar and take decisive action to save the money and life of Colonel Flynn, the casino owner …

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