Rawhide1860 year. Land mail from San Francisco to St. Louis is delivered in twenty-five days, overcoming two thousand seven hundred miles in all weathers, transporting correspondence, gold and passengers. Tom Owens (Tyrone Power) works at one of the trans-shipment stations, hidden between the mountain plateau and the plain. He is not very respectable and often receives complaints from fellow old man Sam Todd (Edgar Buchanan).

When the next crew arrives, it becomes known that the bandit Rafe Zimmerman (Hugh Marlowe) and three of his accomplices fled the prison and are preparing a robbery for the next post coach. The sheriff orders the only passenger of the crew of Winnie Holt (Susan Hayward) to stay for the night in the postal employees’ house for the sake of safety. And, although the woman does not agree, she is forcibly left at the station. None of the participants in this story and does not suspect what fate will be for them, when, after the departed crew, the station will be inhospitable guys with revolvers in their hands … A dramatic western that makes the viewer nervous enough during the session. A fine actor’s duet of one of the most romantic stars of Hollywood Tyrone Power – the actor in the fourth generation and one of the most expressive and beautiful actresses – Susan Hayward.

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