No Name on the Bullet

No Name on the BulletIn the 1958 film “No name on the bullet” came together two interesting figures B – movies. Directed by Jack Arnold, best known for his fantastic tapes and enriched the great and mighty language of Mencken and Huxley with expressions such as “It came from outer space” or “The incredible shrinking man”. And the actor Odie Murphy, who starred in the mass of westerns, and now almost forgotten and mentioned in The Simpsons or Stephen King’s stories, to embarrass our little-educated translators, stubbornly calling him “Eddie.” “There is no name on the pool”, however, the western is quite famous. And it deserved.

A small town in the Wild West is just an idyllic (and not wild) place. Peace, friendship, amiable and law-abiding people. But here comes John Gant (Murphy), the famous hired killer. Gent behaves calmly, but the residents are clear – the shooter arrived to fulfill the order. Quite soon it turns out that almost every city-dweller has impressive sins in the past, why they can quite try on the role of the victim on themselves. Paranoia and fear increase, and then come out. Once Gant arrived, it means that someone hired him. Now the residents suspect each other, and some themselves take up arms, entering into a shoot-out with suspected neighbors. But then Gant does his job, freeing (for how long?) The town from the atmosphere of insanity.

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