Law and Order

Law and Order1882 year. Arizona. USA. Sheriff Frame Johnson (Ronald Reagan) keeps an eye on the violators of the law on the territory entrusted to him – law and order rule here. One day he catches a well-known criminal named Durango Kid (Wally Cassell) and puts him in jail to be tried by law. But indignant residents of the town require lynching the caught villain without trial and investigation.

Frame takes up arms to defend Durango, and to prove to the crowd that the law is above emotion. After some time, the hero realizes that he is tired of performing the sheriff’s difficult duties and decides to leave with his faithful friend Ginny (Dorothy Malone) for the ranch he bought in Cottonwoods. A quiet life, however, will not come soon …. “Law and Order” is a true Western film, the tape is significant for the presence in the lead role of actor Ronald Reagan – the future 40th US president.

In 1937, Reagan fulfilled his old dream: he began working as a film actor in Hollywood. The Warner Brothers film studio offered him the first contract, guaranteeing employment for 6 months and providing for a possible extension of up to 7 years. Reagan stayed in Hollywood for many years, he was shot mostly in adventure films, guaranteed to enjoy the audience’s success. In general, throughout his career in film, he starred in 54 feature films. Thanks to his artistry and ability to stay in the frame, Reagan became in the future a notable politician and one of the most famous presidents of the United States of America.

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