A Lady Takes a Chance

A Lady Takes a ChanceMolly Jay Trasdale sits on the sightseeing bus on the route New York – Wild West. She has to drive through the whole of America and see the real cowboys. At the bus station to see off the girl, her three boyfriends come, each of whom has long asked for her hand, but Molly is cold to their attention signs. The bus rushes ahead for the sun, and at the Fairfield Rodeo in Kentucky, the girl decides to take a picture of one of the show’s participants.

Going too close to the fence of the field, she starts adjusting her camera, but suddenly the horse drops the rider and the whole weight of the body falls directly on the fragile girl. So begins the acquaintance of our heroine with the guy of her dreams – a real cowboy and a driver of horses Duke Hudkins. This guy knows a lot about rural life, horses, drinking and absolutely cold to “pretty blond townspeople on the east coast.” Molly decides that she will not leave these places until she achieves reciprocity from her chosen one …

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