Jesse James

Jesse JamesThis film is based on real events that occurred in the second half of the nineteenth century in the United States. After the tragic war between the southern and northern states, America began to conquer the west. The symbol of this era was the construction of a transcontinental railroad.

Construction was often accompanied by arbitrariness and violence, people began to feel themselves victims of a growing monster, nicknamed the “iron horse”. It’s good or bad, but that era gave the world the most famous criminals – the brothers Frank and Jesse James. According to legend, the brothers were initially peaceful farmers, but when the railway company tried to brazenly take their farm to their advantage, the guys took up arms, and, having organized a detachment of “just revenge”, began to commit bold robberies of banks, trains and postal diligence.

For the head of Jesse James was announced a record time for the award of 25 thousand dollars, but no local resident did not even think about to issue it to the authorities. Ten years the whole state police tried to catch dashing guys, but they always left from under the nose of the authorities.

For ten years, the gang robbed 11 banks, 7 trains, 3 stagecoaches, killing 16 people. In the end, in 1876, the gang of Jesse James still managed to crush when she committed another raid on a bank in the city of Nortfield, Minnesota.

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