In Old California

In Old CaliforniaIn the late 1840s, the Boston pharmacist Tom Craig decides to move to California city of Sacramento to open a pharmacy. Arriving at place, he accidentally gets acquainted with the singer Laki, the most beautiful girl city ​​and favorite of Britt Dawson, the owner of the saloon and the leader of the local gangs. With the help of his minions, Britt terrorizes local owners of ranches in order to transfer their plots to his property.

Blond Lucky is delighted with the aristocracy and strength of Tom bending the buck the strength of their fingers and this passion Lucky clearly does not like Dawson. is he orders owners of real estate not to hand over premises for a pharmacy Tom. Lucky comes to the aid of the despondent hero.

The girl agrees to become a partner in the pharmacy business of Tom and
provides him with a room. This fact poured oil into the fire of jealousy Britta and he decided to get rid of a successful competitor …

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