The Duel at Silver Creek

The Duel at Silver CreekIn the film, the future legendary winner of the “Oscar” award, Lee Marvin, is one of his first appearances on the screen.

Stephen McNally in the role of Lightning, the energetic chief of the police station in Silver City. The main objective of Lightning is to detain a gang of ruthless criminals, terrorizing and killing local miners, among whom is his best friend. In one of the skirmishes, Lightning loses the ability to use the index finger and. respectively, their brilliant ability to own weapons.

He appeals for help in capturing criminals to the famous arrow of Silver Kid (Odi Murphy) – his father was killed by bandits. However, the implementation of their joint plan is complicated when Lighting falls in love (Faith Domerg), who recently arrived in the city. The woman leads her own dangerous game, and her interest in the police chief is just a tricky trick …

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