Distant Drums

Distant Drums1840 year. Lieutenant of the US Navy Richard Tufts undertakes a secret expedition to Florida with only an old map and a detachment of 40 people in his hands. Having landed on the shore, he was met by guides and carried through the deaf jungle. Over the seven years of the development of these lands, the settlers faced the serious resistance of the Red Indians of the Simenolov tribe who repeatedly attacked the pale-faced forts, killing people and taking firearms.

On the shore of the lake, Richard meets with Captain Quincy White, a strong man who has long lived in the jungle and knows the language and customs of the local tribes. Having headed an armed detachment of marines, they begin resolutely to advance into the deaf jungle in order to liberate the old Spanish stone fort from the Seminoles and smugglers of weapons that have brazenly seized these lands. In the way they are waiting for deadly adventures, shootings with Indians, attacks of snakes and giant crocodiles …

One of the best adventure films on the subject of war in the impenetrable jungle. The picture is taken at a very dynamic pace, not allowing the viewer to relax at the screen. Gary Cooper is simply gorgeous, and many critics believe that the image of the famous “Crocodile Dundee” Australian actor Paul Hogan copied it with the hero Cooper. In this film, for the first time, there was a heartbreaking cry of a man bitten by a crocodile and named in the film industry “Wilhelm”. This cry is still used in Hollywood.

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