Daughter of the West

Daughter of the WestLolita Moreno, who grew up in the Catholic mission, comes to the Navajo reservation to work as a teacher. There she meets the Navo of the White Eagle, who returned home with a college diploma in her pocket and bold plans for the reorganization of the reservation. He learns of a rich copper deposit that can be used to improve life in the tribe, but crosses the road to corrupt agent Ralph Connors, and he adjusts for Navo charges of murder.

To prove his innocence, Navo passes the test by fire and sustains it. Lolita helps the military arrest Connors; she learns that she is the daughter of the legendary heroine of Ramona, and marries Navo. “Daughter of the West” is a film from which the topic of unfair treatment of Native Americans began, where a noble Indian hero confronts treacherous white officials and a policeman. A separate mention deserves the attempt of the creators to show viewers the traditional side of the life of the Navajo.

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