Dakota1871 year. Chicago. A tough guy, a sharp shooter and just a good man John Devlin (John Wayne) secretly married Sandy Paulie (Vera Ralston), the daughter of a quick-tempered man, but quick-witted – the owner of the Chicago railway, Marco Poli (Hugo Haas). To all the rest, my daughter, having stolen $ 20,000 from my father, runs with her young husband from her home and sits on a train going to the state of Dakota, famous for its wheat fields and high yields of grain. This is not just a honeymoon – it’s also a commercial move, the tycoon’s daughter came up with a clever enrichment plan.

She overheard her father’s conversation with his companions, and learned that soon a railway would pass through Dakota and builders would buy land from farmers for a very large amount of money. Young rush, as soon as possible, to be on the “bread market” because the competitors do not doze and are ready for any evil intent and even to use weapons for easy gain …

A wonderful film of the western genre, in which the great actor John Wayne played, he remained in the history of American cinema “the last hero”, who did not completely change himself or his ideals of honor, integrity, love for his homeland, in which he was guided by the principle: ” She is either right or wrong, but this is my country.

” He was loved mainly by soldiers, provincials and women. In the latter he enjoyed unchanged success, and among his partners – such famous actresses as Marlene Dietrich, Polett Goddard, Joan Crawford. He was married three times and all on dark-haired beauties. He brought up two daughters and three sons, one of whom – Mike – directed the film company “Batjack”. It was she who, based on Wayne’s money, released films where John acted as director and co-director (Alamo 1960, Comancheros 1961, Green Berets 1968).

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