Calamity Jane and Sam Bass

Calamity Jane and Sam BassThe tramp Sam Bass appears in Denton, Texas, where he will soon go big horse racing, and he’s looking for work. Soon, he attracts the attention of two women: Calamity Jane and Catherine Egan, the sheriff’s sisters. A distinctive feature of Sam was that he was well versed in horses. Seeing how the smith wrongly drives a nail into the horseshoe of the Denton mare, he puts all the money on another horse and takes out a sick mare on the won.

After leaving it and having healed, Sam began to win all the races. But once, having put several thousand dollars together with other cowboys, their comrades, they remain at zeros. Before the jump bookmakers poisoned the mare and she fell down just before the finish. Then Sam and his friends embarked on a criminal path and were outlawed. They joined and Calamity Jane, because of which all the troubles began, maybe involuntarily. The final is not difficult to predict – the sheriff, the law and deserved punishment.

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