Buffalo Bill

Free Buffalo 1944“Buffalo Bill” – escapist tape, a great western, moments touching to tears. Fabulously shot on nature, in color, with panoramic views – Sherman can be proud of the production. In our country, many people may already be familiar with the life story of William F. Cody, but few know that he devoted many years to the showman’s career.

So here attention is mainly paid to his novels and marriage. Despite this, experts in history are unlikely to find fault with such skillfully delivered director Wellman of the battle story of a red and white man. In the center of the plot is the battle of the American cavalry with the Cheyenne tribe, when Buffalo Bill, famous Scout and a friend of the Indians, becomes a hero in a one-on-one fight with his former red-skinned friend. Joel McRae created a very realistic image of Buffalo Bill.

Maureen is not bad at all in the role of the daughter of a senator building a railway to the West. She later marries Buffalo Bill. Linda Darnell played an Indian teacher who was in love with Cody. Her role is small, but played charmingly. Thomas Mitchell as a newsman from the East, author of books about the glory of Buffalo Bill.

When the latter comes to the East with their Wild West shows, Mitchell acts as his manager. Fans of serious movies and westerns will enjoy, although many critics differ in the evaluation of the picture.

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