Blue Steel

Blue SteelThe small town of Yucca City is alarmed by the constant attacks of the gang, which robs all supplies with food. Residents send a letter to the central city of Sacramento, asking for help. But time passes, but there is no answer.

In a roadside hotel, during the raging weather, the theft of four thousand dollars occurs. The thief manages to hide unnoticed, and the sheriff who is here has time to notice only the back of a stranger bending near the safe, which immediately disappears.

The next day the sheriff finds him and is about to arrest him, when suddenly shots are heard. At this time, another convoy was robbed. The residents are in a panic, but the local rich businessman offers one hundred dollars for their dwelling, to all who leave these places. Here it is just taken, the sheriff with a mysterious stranger together, to try to deliver the food for the last time, and at the same time and find out what caused interest to these lands …

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