Bend of the River

Bend of the RiverFiftieth year of the XIX century. When accompanied by a caravan of wagons through the mountains, Through the prairies to Portland, in search of a new life, Glen McLintock saves from
lynching Emerson Cole, suspected of stealing livestock. Grateful Cole helps Glen and his friends to repel an unexpected attack by the Indians, so they become friends.

The daughter of the migrant Laura Bale took a great interest in Cole and intends to stay in Portland together with a new acquaintance, and not to associate one’s life with work in the field. But Cole did not simple guy: he has a dark past, as, indeed, Glen himself has his own secrets. In the meantime, paid supplies of provisions for immigrants, promised by the mayor of Portland are not produced. McLintock returns to the city, where he has to take up arms to defend food for his own communities …

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