Along Came Jones

Along Came JonesThe wild west of America. Bandit and assassin Monty Gerrad robs the mail coach and kills the guard, but in the shootout he loses his name gun. The sheriff, drawing up his description in general, hangs up an announcement of a reward of one thousand dollars to anyone who catches the criminal.

Meanwhile, a couple of wandering cowboys Malodi Jones and George Fury enter the town, concerned with the robbery, Mali’s saddles are filled with the initials “MJ”. Seeing these letters, peaceful townspeople begin to scatter in the parties, strong guys in the saloon are hushed up like fish, and the barman complains for free drinks. All this happens because the citizens accepted innocuous pastoralists for the bloody Monty and his uncle Roscoe, who five years ago terrified local lands.

The foolish newcomers liked the strange respect and it is not known how this farce of simpletons would end in front of the public, if not for the beauty of Cherry di Longpeer, who directly told Malodi that he was mistaken for a bandit and better off for him from the town than getting an unjust bullet in the back. So this funny story of adventure began among the rocks and plains of the Wild West, as a result of which criminals were punished, and the heroes found their happiness …

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